Tuff-Coat Project creates a ‘HOT’ market.

“It looked good enough to steal … so they did!”

Ken's Tuff-Coat Boat - Attracted Thieves

Ken's Tuff-Coat Boat

Fortunately for inflatable boat owner Ken H. of White Rock, BC, he  had already sold his beautifully restored dinghy to the eventual  unfortunate victim, a fellow member of his local yacht club.

“The dinghy appeared terrific … like brand new” which apparently made  it a target to boating crooks casing the yacht club’s dock, Ken  explained.

In fact, the restored second-hand inflatable looked so good that Ken  sold it for a better price than he first thought possible. “I advertised  the dinghy several hundred dollars higher than I originally planned and  got it. I was obviously quite pleased at the final price I got.”

So what made this used Zodiac Yachtline 310 so desirable to both  thieves and buyers alike? Two fresh coats of Tuff-Coat Inflatable Boat  Repair in a Can.

<img title=”Kens boat” src=”images/stories/projects/ken1.JPG” border=”0″ alt=”Kens boat” hspace=”6″ width=”350″ height=”232″ /> The process started mid-2005 when  Ken decided to “spruce up” his aging dinghy. He was already the Zodiac  inflatable’s second owner, having bought the used PVC boat several years  earlier. The 10-foot inflatable was starting to show wear and tear from  extensive Pacific Ocean usage. It was time for a full boat makeover.

“But I didn’t fully realize when I started this restoration project that  PVC is potentially trickier than Hypalon when it comes to repairs,”  noted the avid boater.

Originally trying to match his Zodiac’s bright white exterior, Ken  choose matching white paint as part of the Tuff-Coat two-stage  restoration process. Following the clear instructions for application of  the Tuff-Coat synthetic rubber coatings, everything went well until the  new topcoat started blistering. “Quite frankly it was a bit of a mess,”  he recalled.

So Ken immediately called Tuff-Coat inventor Mike Fry, who also  happens to live in White Rock. Mike was keen to see the situation  first-hand and remedy the problem.

It turned out an earlier generation of white top-coat has been  susceptible to some blistering on PVC so Mike immediately gave him a  free replacement repair kit, suggesting Ken switch to the popular and  original grey top-coat.

The second attempt went well. Because there was no underlying damage  to the boat, Ken choose to go with two top-coats instead of the normal  two-stage process using separate bottom and top coats. After masking off  the areas he wanted protected, Ken brushed on the first coat, and then  rolled on the grey finish coat for a smooth like-new appearance.

“It turned out just the way I intended!” he exclaimed. “Not only did  my dinghy look great, but it was restored to last and stand up well to  the elements.”

So although the restoration project had a few hiccups, Ken noted that  the Tuff-Coat owner stood behind his product 100 per cent. “As the  inventor, Michael clearly wants his product to be the best on the market  and is willing to back it with actions not just words.”

Better still, this story has two happy endings. The new owner also  recovered his restored Zodiac inflatable – putting it back in the water  where it belongs.

So while Tuff-Coat can’t promise the recovery of every stolen  inflatable it’s restored, it will deliver on the promise of perfection  when you restore your dinghy using Inflatable Boat Repair in a Can.


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