I love to ‘see’ Tuff-Coat restoration project boats

The most remarkable part of a restoration project is seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots.  The results are often so remarkable that the in-between photos of the boat restoration are needed to prove that the finished boat is in fact the original.

One of my favorite restoration projects was taken on by the TUFF team when they actually hauled a PVC Zodiac out of a dumpster – the finished result was amazing. See the entire restoration project here.

Zodiac Yachtline PVC boat before Tuff-Coat

The day after boat was pulled from dumpster. Washed and Inflated.

The After Picture - Boat Restored

The fully restored Zodiac Boat. Hard to believe it came from a Dumpster!


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  1. Bob on

    I applied the first coat of basecoat 5 days ago. There is no longer the chemical smell but, it is very sticky to the touch. Is it dry enough for second coat?

    • tuffcoat on


      Is it dry enough for second coat?

      Possibly. It really should be as ‘dry’ to the touch as possible.

      Are you restoring a PVC or Hypalon boat? PVC boats require a longer cure time than Hypalon
      Depending on the environment (ambient temperature and humidity ) your cure time will vary.
      Also, cure time will vary depending on the thickness. I usually recommend applying several thin layers (thinned with Xylene).

      You could try to apply Top Coat to a small test area to see if your Base Coat cure is sufficient.

      – BH

  2. Bob on

    The inflatable is PVC. I am in New England. So, the weather changes hourly. 🙂

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