Boat Restoration – where do I get started?

You are anxious to restore your inflatable boat with Tuff-Coat but the most important step in achieving excellent results is CLEANING!

Like any other ‘painting’ project, preparing and cleaning the surface to be painted is absolutely vital. If you decide to breeze quickly through this first step your results may not be achieved.

You must remove all dirt, oils, grease, waxes and grime. A power washer (careful not to blast new holes!) or warm soapy water is a good start. UV stickiness, grease, oils and waxes can be removed with a cloth dampened with Xylene (please wear gloves and mask in a well ventilated area). Finally a light sanding of the material surface will help smooth out any bumps and unevenness – for PVC boats this will rough up the surface to help create a ‘mechanical’ bond for the Tuff-Coat Basecoat.

So what is the first vital step? Put your Tuff-Coat Cans on the shelf and get busy cleaning your boat. You will not regret it!



2 comments so far

  1. Jonathon Dixon on

    I concur! My tuff-coat paint adhered very nicely. The previous owner used Armour-All on the pontoons. So using xylene was needed to ensure all the chemical/wax was cleaned off. It has now been 3 years and my painted tuff-coat boat is still looking great.

  2. Carlos roiz on

    My boat is porous, so it goes flat as soon as you close the valve, how do i restore it?

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