‘Tuff’ advice back online after 12 months!

The ‘Tuff’ advice blog which helped hundreds of boaters with tips and techniques to help restore their inflatable yachts, is now back online. The old advice blog which was served up as a user forum on the parent www.tuff-coat.com site has been offline for over 12 months. Now with our new look web site and new Tuff user advice blog on wordpress, we are thrilled to be back helping our boating community with their hypalon and pvc restoration questions.


4 comments so far

  1. Leonard Ineson on

    What do I use to thin base coat

    • tuffcoat on

      Base Coat can be thinned with Xylene.

  2. Dave Maerz on

    Hi there, I was just wondering what happens if you get bubbles in the base coat from pinhole leaks? Do they just seal up eventually and settle down? I noticed one of your restorations had that problem. How do you get rid of the bubbles? i have an old 12.75 ft hypalon and am interested in your product. Also how much better would your product be than say liquid rubber ? Thanks Dave

    • tuffcoat on

      Hi Dave – Michael here – The bubbles are showing you where there are pinhole leaks – just let some air out , mark the area with a felt pen and push the basecoat down onto the area that is blowing the bubble – when dry it should be airtight.

      Our product is formulated to rebuild the flexible coating on inflatable boats – it is the same hypalon used to manufacturer high quality inflatables, it also will fix pinhole leaks, fix most UV damage and restore the hypalon/PVC coating on inflatables. In order to provide a basecoat that does this, it needs to be sealed with a liquid vinyl topcoat. We have found that this two part system is much superior to using a one part system.

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