Inflatable Boat: Repair or Restore?

A common question I get asked.  Repairing a leaking inflatable boat involves patching – using a patch kit and glue. Restoring is refinishing the inflatable fabric (usually hypalon or PVC).  The confusion often arises because the restoring the fabric also solves the air leaks cuased by the tiny pinholes in the fabric. We see this damage in tubes that have suffered wear and tear OR by extreme UV damage.

Best to think about REPAIRing when you have a major leak from a single source (hole, tear, seam-rip, valve stem, old patch, etc). Best to think about RESTORing when you have fabric wear/tear, UV damage, etc.

Final note. Repair major leaks first before you begin Restoring your inflatable boat.

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  1. najam awan on

    very nice and interesting post

  2. Kevin on

    When restoring a hypalon raft, with pinhole leaks, should the boat be fully deflated, partially deflated, or fully inflated?

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